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Poster: jackgrimes2004 Date: Jul 16, 2004 2:55am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Jack Grimes For President

Jack Grimes would be the ideal man to become President of the United States. He does not come from an old, moneyed political family such as other prominent politicians like Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, John Forbes Kerry, etc. do. Since he is just an average American he is much more in tune with the public's wants and needs than his privileged competition is.

He is deeply concerned about the restrictions placed on the general public by the government, such as smoking bans, vehicle licensing, vehicle emissions testing, etc. and also about the attacks on personal freedoms and liberties under the guise of "terrorism" that are being used as an excuse to strip the public of their rights, including the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and other police agencies.

He also see's the present capitalist system as holding down the common American people to a loathsome level economically, while at the same time, these powerful, ruthless capitalists advance their financial status greatly off of their efforts, for which the people receive a pittance, if anything at all. Not even enough to maintain a decent standard-of-living.

Jack Grimes would be the ideal American President because he came from out of nowhere, from nothing, and isn't that supposed to be what the American dream is all about?


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Poster: Kurt_Canning2004 Date: Jul 18, 2004 1:48pm
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Jack Grimes For President

I'm going to have to agree with FreeAmerica on this one. Jack, I've read through some of your posts and I have to say that your veiws are WAY to "right" for people's needs. I agree with FreeAmerica by telling you to lighten. However I think you can obtain alot more than 30 votes, This is how.

You see I don't think a President should be elected entirely because of his veiws. People should vote for someone that will listen to their ideas and carry them out. A REAL DEMOCRACY. Now granted the president should have some say and veiws put into action. But the people need to be put back into power. and thats why your platform wont work. All it seems to do is limit people even more.

I think that you could maybe take your political stature to noticable if you'd take the peoples advice, rather than diminishing it.

Now to be honest, I highly doubt my election. but maybe if I play my cards right I can get my point across. Jack, I hope you take my advice...then take the peoples...

I'm Kurt Canning. Let's Get It Done!
*****[Vote Canning/Evans 2004]*****

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Poster: jackgrimes2004 Date: Jul 19, 2004 12:05am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Jack Grimes For President

The last time I ran they say I placed 6th and got 60 electoral votes. This I read in various newspapers, magazines and on websites about the U.F.U.,neither Jason Peterson or I said it ourselves. 0thers wrote this about us.

I neither asked for command of this group nor to run as it's candidate in either of these elections. I do this because I believe, like Benito Mussolini and Saddam Hussein before me that the Gods have chosen me to rule this country.

We agree on that. The present U.S. gov't does NOT listen to the popular will of the masses, therefore, it's NOT too very democratic. The people have said we want cigarettes, we want party favor drugs, we want prostitution. Still state and county gov't.s have taken to making these crazy public smoking bans, drugs like LSD and marijuana remain illegal in spite of the fact the masses seem to want all these things. The American people said with one UNITED voice, "WE WANT NO WAR WITH IRAQ", the gangster elite in Washington didn't listen, they attacked Iraq anyway and thanks to this madness Bush unleashed in the gulf, American service men are being butchered every day by Iraqi freedom fighters.

Mussolini tells us in "The Doctrine of Fascism", that; "CORPORATE STATISM (the gnosis of our philosophy) is a radical form of socialism'. Then again in "The Corporate State", Il Duce, says, "We cannot have a dogmatic political party but instead a flexible movement that can draw from the right, left and centre as need and circumstances dictate. In other words, what he's saying is, Corporate Statism is an economic system (the only one) designed to serve mankind and meet the needs of the people in our realm, not the other way around, like the phony Western democracies of today.
Mr. J. Grimes

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Poster: FreeAmerica2004 Date: Jul 16, 2004 4:49am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Jack Grimes For President

Ok though i'm sure Grimes has a good idea every now and then...but let me tell you why it wont and probably shouldn't happen....

First of all "Fascist" is the right-wing of the Authoritarian political stance...only 8% America are Authoritarians..and 6 of that 8% are "Socialists". The left wing of of the Authoritarian stance...meaning that if every Fascist voted for Him..he would be bringing in 2% which isnt going to happen...because last year George W. Bush took 95% of fascist votes Buchanun took 4%...and the other one percent was scattederd among other candidates...Thats why it WONT happen

Now heres why it shouldn't see lets take your post on foreigners. You see if you plan was fulfilled we wouldnt be America anymore..we'd be a reincarnation of Nazi-Germany...Second of all Authoriatarians are generally a very NEGATIVE Political stance. Basically no to everythin, and goverment rules EVERYTHING....and the Fascists are the more Negative side....The only difference between Socialists and Fascists are that Socialists look out for Minoritys(Usually)and Fascists try to rid us of them...

Jack..I bet you do have some good idea's...but your really heading up the wrong alley here...If you stick to your guns despite what everyone thinks then you have integrity...but it takes Brains and Integrity to get elected suggetion to you is run for govenor or mayor...or maybe even alderman...before running for president

My other suggestion to you is...Lighten see you need to open your eyes and look at life...people don't need to atone to our way of life...if they did it wouldnt be America...i say you drop your candidacy cause your destined to get about 30 or so votes this politics, and hop on the Reform train...
Vote Nader/Camejo 2004

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